Top 5 Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime Right Now (January)

If you?re trying to figure out what to watch next, a great place to start are the Tipstor? Top 5 shows on Amazon Prime Video right now, and none of these titles are currently available on Netflix.


BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and writer Kate Purdy reunite for this adult-animated series starring Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk. The show follows the journey of Alma, a young woman involved in a car accident who slowly begins to lose her mind. She?s forced to question her perception of reality when her father (Odenkirk) reappears years after his death, pushing her to discover how he died and why she seems to have a newfound ability to travel through time. It?s a bit of a mindf*ck, in the best possible way, with Purdy and Waksberg employing rotoscoping, a realistic animation technique never before used on TV, to take viewers on a surreal trek through space and time, along with dark humor and musings on grief, trauma, and mental health.

2.?Star Trek: The Original Series

Frankly, any of the Star Trek shows make a good binge watch. Star Trek: The Animated SeriesStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Voyager and, hell, even Star Trek: Enterprise are all available to stream on Prime, and they all have their merits (except for Enterprise), but the William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy-starring original series is where it all began. To admit to watching one or all of the other programs cited above, but not Star Trek: The Original Series would be a crime against yourself and the rest of sci-fi fandom. This is where Gene Roddenberry?s vision first got its start on broadcast television, after all.

3.?The Expanse

This sci-fi space epic based off a series of beloved books found new life on Amazon for its fourth season after being canceled by Syfy in 2018, good news for fans who wanted more adventures for the show?s rag-tag band of anti-heroes. Set in the future when humanity has colonized the Solar System, The Expanse follows a trio of leads: United Nations Security Council member Chrisjen Avasarala, police detective Josephus Miller, and ship?s officer James Holden as they unravel a conspiracy that could break the uneasy peace. It?s full of action and thriller-like twists, but it?s the memorable, well-rounded character work that makes this a must-see.


Loosely based on the exploits of the 9th century Viking ruler and king, Ragnar Lodbrok, Vikings doesn?t match the level of complexity in Game of Thrones ? the universe is smaller, there are fewer characters, and the plotting isn?t as dense ? but it?s a solid, if not sometimes spectacular drama that gets progressively better over the course of the series. There?s crunching violence, lots of axe play, and frequent battles as Ragnar extends his rule over parts of Europe. Compared to Game of Thrones, it?s less about mind games and schemes, and more about brute force ? and Ragnor?s victories are seldom in doubt. Nevertheless, It?s entertaining to watch the unrelenting violence unfold and revel in the demise of Ragnor?s rivals. While Travis Fimmel is excellent in the lead role and Gustaf Skarsg?rd?s Floki provides the often necessary comic relief, it?s Katheryn Winnick ? as Lagertha ? who is the show?s biggest draw.


Doctor Who companion Jenna Coleman trades in time-travel for managing a monarchy in this BBC drama that recounts the reign of Queen Victoria. Victoria?s early years were plagued with problems ? she was only 18 when she took the throne and had many challengers ? but the show pairs the more political machinations with the swoon-worthy tale of Victoria?s courtship with Prince Albert, who would later become her husband. If you like The Crown, you?ll like this.