Top 5 Shows to Watch If You Like “The OA”

The OA?created a one-of-a-kind fantasy/sci-fi experience, and without its extension, there’s a major void in our viewing options. However, we put together a Top 5 list of a few shows that do offer a little something that?The OA?fans might enjoy and are available to stream right now.

1. Devs

Fellow TV-loving philosophers may also find themselves sucked into?the novel world created?in?Alex Garland’s?Devs, a series which quietly condemns the advent of boundless technological pursuits while simultaneously dissecting the concepts of?determinism?and?the very purpose of human existence. Like?The OA, the series is filled with surprises, has its own ever-changing rules, and keeps you guessing right until the very end.

2. Fringe

J.J. Abrams?has served up plenty of brainfood throughout his television production history, including?Lost?and?Alias, but?Fringe?is the series which will most likely delight and excite?OA?fans. The series centers on an FBI task force which investigates unexplained occurrences and eventually stumbles into the realm of a parallel universe that feels just as disconcerting as some of the dimensional hops we experience in?The OA.

3. The Leftovers

One series that absolutely captures the same sense of dread and intrigue which prevailed over?The OA?is HBO’s apocalyptic drama?The Leftovers, which presents a vision of the modern world in which 2% of the global population disappears without a trace, and those who remain are left with anguish and uncertainty about what happened and what might happen next. The show was created by?Damon Lindelof?(who also brought us?that very excellent?Watchmen?series) and, over the course of its three seasons, makes an indelible impact on audiences with its thoughtful and often provocative explorations of life, love, and loss.

4. Maniac

Like?The OA,?Maniac?centers on characters (portrayed by?Emma Stone?and?Jonah Hill) whose desperation leads them to stumble into a science experiment that takes them to all-new worlds of experience, for better and for worse. The tone of the show errs on the side of being quirky, but the varying versions of reality experienced by the characters is still invigorating to behold.

5. Travelers

This Canadian-American sci-fi series was a critical favorite and has a lot to offer fans of challenging shows like The OA. The series centers on a group of special ops who are sent back in time to prevent global catastrophes by taking over the bodies of those who would otherwise die shortly thereafter and live double lives as agents of the future pretending to be the person whose form they now occupy. It’s suspenseful and fun and presents a unique take on the well-worn time travel genre.