Top 5 Shows To Watch If You Like “The Office”

We’ve compiled our Top 5 list of shows that will help you ween yourself off?The Office?by expanding your TV watching just beyond Scranton. Some share the mockumentary format, some are great workplace comedies, and some feature the creative minds behind?The Office.

1. Space Force

Where to watch:?Netflix

If it’s more of?The Office?you’re looking for, then how about another show with?Steve Carell?and created by?Greg Daniels? Netflix’s comedy stars Carell as the head of Space Force, the new branch of the Armed Forces that’s the laughingstock of the Army, Navy, and Marines. It’s a spoof of our own incompetent government, with Carell feeling the heat from POTUS to get America back on the moon ASAP while his science advisor (John Malkovich) frustratedly explains how that’s not possible. Warning: Reaction to the series has been mixed so far; some fans love it while critics mostly roasted it. Also, though Carell plays a bad boss, it’s not exactly?The Office?in space.

2. The IT Crowd

Where to watch:?Netflix

The Office?may be the best crowd-pleasing workplace comedy ever, but?The IT Crowd?is a close second when it comes to showing the humdrum life of an office drone trapped in a corporation that only hires buffoons. The series stars?Chris O’Dowd,?Richard Ayoade, and?Katherine Parkinson?as the IT team of a corporation that does, uhhh, well, we don’t know what exactly, because it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is it’s a perfect mash-up of?The Office‘s coworker comedy and?The Big Bang Theory‘s nerd culture, making it a hilarious combo of British alt-comedy and mainstream appeal.?

3. Corporate

Where to watch:?Comedy Central

The Office‘s focus on workplace absurdity and budding coworker friendships has made it a classic for everyone, but if you’re sick of your job and looking for the workplace absurdity slathered with a dose of soul-sucking satire,?Corporate?might hit home a little too hard, and have you doubling over at the same time. The vastly underrated Comedy Central show looks at life through a corporate-approved prism of strict email regulations, acceptable interoffice behavior, and social lives burdened with the fear that another Monday is just around the corner. There’s no Jim and Pam hanky-panky here; it’s just the empty, Nihilistic, and hilarious lives of the workforce.?

4. Borderline

Where to watch:?Netflix

Borderline?might be more like?The Office?than?The Office?is like?The Office. The mockumentary follows workers at an airport, with all the shaky cams and confessionals of NBC’s hit, as they sort of do their jobs but mostly just get on each other’s nerves. There’s even a Jim-Pam thing going on between two of the employees! Though some parts of?The Office?were improvised,?Borderline?takes that a step further by bring mostly improv, with the actors ? including a pre-fame?Guz Khan?as a disgruntled baggage handler ? following an outline and adding their own flourishes to their characters. The comedy has aired two seasons so far, the most recent airing in 2017, but it hasn’t officially been canceled yet.?

5. Better Off Ted

Where to watch:?Hulu

Another overlooked workplace comedy, ABC’s?Better Off Ted?lasted only two seasons from 2009-2010 because people sometimes don’t know a good thing when they get it. A direct answer to the growing popularity of?The Office, the comedy followed the employees of a mysterious, evil corporation that does everything from sway presidential elections to build military-grade weapons out of gourds, and their friendships in the shadow of corporate oversight. The show’s protagonist, Ted (Jay Harrington), even pulls a few Jims by breaking the fourth wall and looking into the camera to talk to the audience.?Better Off Ted?was appreciated by critics, but not by viewers, who didn’t watch it because it was opposite?NCIS?and?American Idol, which were Top 5 shows at the time.?