Top 5 Shows to Watch If You Like “Extraction”

Extraction, Netflix’s latest action extravaganza, stars?Chris Hemsworth?as a mercenary who goes to a foreign country on a mission and shoots his way out after being double-crossed. Our Top 5 list of recommendations features movies starring other big-name actors with big guns, rock-solid tale of revenge and Asian action films that let the punching do the talking.

1. 6 Underground

If you enjoyed?Extraction?because you love the idea of a Hollywood hunk who played a superhero starring in a straight action film, then check out Deadpool in this?Michael Bay?film. The plot may be dumb ??Ryan Reynolds?stars as a billionaire who forms a vigilante squad that takes out terrorists governments are too afraid or weak to take on ? but the action is legit. The opening sequence features stupefying white-knuckle driving and several unnecessary explosions, which is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s lighter in tone than?Extraction, but things still go boom.

2. Triple Frontier

You want big stars decked out in military gear going into foreign countries and scrapping with the locals??Triple Frontier?may not have grabbed Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, and Will Smith, who were in talks to join the film in its early stages, but it did get?Ben Affleck,?Oscar Isaac,?Charlie Hunnam, and?Pedro Pascal. They play a group of former Delta Force soldiers who team up to pick the massive pockets of a South American drug lord, and as usual with South American drug lords, things get very shooty. Despite all the star power, there’s an underrated cast member: the massive pile of cash that the team hoists away and becomes a centerpiece of the action. You think Hemsworth saving a kid has high stakes? What if it was millions in cash instead? (No offense, kids.)

3. Haywire

With absolutely zero apologies to Michael Bay,?Steven Soderbergh?is by far the best director on this list. Soderbergh dipped his toe into action flicks with?Haywire, a 2011 movie starring MMA star?Gina Carano?in her first major role. Carano plays a black ops operative who gets betrayed by her handlers and must work her way through a conspiracy, punching people in the face along the way. The action is a mixed bag ? the first fight sees Carano kicking the crap out of?Channing Tatum?in visceral, stripped-down hand-to-hand combat, while another gets Soderbergh’s stylized treatment that’s more pretty to look at ? but Carano is impressive to watch in her own stunts. Man, she can throw a punch. In addition to Tatum, the film also boasts?Ewan McGregor,?Michael Douglas,?Michael Fassbender,?Bill Paxton, and?Antonio Banderas.

4. Triple Threat

Bruh,?if you want more movies like?Extraction?but haven’t explored the world of Asian action movies, then have a seat and take the pacifier out of your mouth. Movies like?Triple Threat?make?Extraction?look like?Romper Room. Like?Extraction, the plot follows mercenaries hired to protect someone, but instead of one muscly dude, the team is made of three of today’s biggest action stars who combined can throw four dozen punches before you can even cock your arm back:?Tony Jaa,?Iko Uwais, and?Tiger Chen. Plot is a secondary concern in these movies (as are OSHA rules), with shooting, punching, impaling, bone-breaking, neck-snapping, and blood-spurting much more important.

5. The Night Comes for Us

Once you’ve gotten a taste of?Triple Threat, move on to 2018’s superior?The Night Comes for Us, from acclaimed Indonesian action director?Timo Tjahjanto. Though far from the military mindedness of?Extraction, it also features a man who must protect a young child from bad guys after he turns his back on the crime syndicate he works for. Blah, blah, blah, plot, whatever. You’re watching for the insanely choreographed violent-with-a-capital-V action scenes, including my favorite which takes place inside a meat processing facility and features broken cow bones used as weapons. It’s even more impressive than it sounds. Hemsworth wouldn’t last three seconds with these guys. Anything from Tjahjanto is action gold; another of his films,?Headshot,?is also on Netflix.