Top 5 Network Shows You Can Watch for Free Online Right Now

Clear your schedule for a bit and then check out the Top 5 best network shows you can stream for free below.

1. “Felicity

Watch it on: ABC app (complete series)
Felicity is best known as the show in which Keri Russell cut her hair (not to be confused with the show in which Keri Russell wore a lot of great wigs, aka The Americans). Depicting Felicity Porter’s (Russell) college years and the struggles that accompany trying to figure out who you’re supposed to be, the show is also famous for Scott Speedman’s whisper-talking and the ongoing battle of Ben (Speedman) vs. Noel (Scott Foley). Although the WB series was previously streaming on Hulu, you can now watch it for free on the ABC app.

2. “My So-Called Life

Watch it on: ABC app (complete series)
Critically beloved but struck down before its time, My So-Called Life has been praised for its realistic and honest portrayal of teenage life, not just via Angela Chase (Claire Danes), but through the show’s young supporting cast as well. Now considered to be one of the best shows of all time, it tackled topics like homophobia, homelessness, drug use, and more without ever feeling preachy or like an after-school special. Also, Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) could lean.

3. “Pushing Daisies

Watch it on: CW Seed (complete series)
It’s a shame Bryan Fuller’s saturated dramedy Pushing Daisies, about a pie-maker (Lee Pace) with the ability to bring the dead back to life, couldn’t bring itself back to life after becoming a casualty of the 2007-08 writers’ strike. A whimsical delight, the show featured the pie-maker teaming up with a local private eye (Chi McBride) to solve murders by reviving the victims for a brief time. Known for its quirky characters, eccentric visual style, and Jim Dale’s pitch-perfect narration, it remains must-see TV.

4. “Trophy Wife

Watch it on: ABC app (complete series)
Trophy Wife‘s short life ? it was canceled after just one season ? can probably be chalked up to its unfortunate title, which was meant to be ironic but ultimately kept viewers from tuning in and experiencing the warmth of the show and the relationships at its center. Malin Akerman starred as the young wife of Bradley Whitford’s middle-aged lawyer, and the comedy explored the dynamics between the two, his children, and his two ex-wives, who were played by Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins.

5. “Kings

Watch it on: NBC app (complete series)
Loosely based on the Biblical story of King David, Kings was a compelling drama before its time. Rudely cut down after just one season by NBC, the show starred Ian McShane as the king of the fictional kingdom of Gilboa, while Christopher Egan portrayed an idealistic young soldier whose counterpart is David. The show also starred Sebastian Stan, which is reason enough to want to check it out.