Top 5 Netflix Original Movies to Watch Right Now (October)

We?ve gone through a slew of titles to assemble our Tipstor? Top 5 Netflix Originals lineup. So make sure you have some space in your queue for the following movies.

1. Mudbound?(2017)

Netflix spent much of 2017 trying to establish itself as an alternative to movie theaters as a place to find quality new films. The results were mostly strong, and none stronger than?Mudbound, Dee Rees? story of two families ? one white and one black ? sharing the same Mississippi land in the years before and after World War II. Rees combines stunning images, compelling storytelling, and the work of a fine cast (that includes Jason Mitchell, Carey Mulligan, Garett Hedlund, Jason Clarke, and Mary J. Blige) to unspool a complex tale about the forces the connect black and white Americans and the slow-to-die injustices that keep them apart.

2. Beasts of No Nation?(2015)

It?s hard not to like a guy as talented and charismatic as Idris Elba but the actor plays a morally-corrupt psychopath to perfection in?Beasts of No Nation. As the Commandant, Elba recruits young boys to his rebel army fighting the government of Ghana by forcing them to undergo a brutal initiation process. Agu, a young boy who saw his father and older brother murdered at the hands of the government, is captured and indoctrinated into the Commandant?s army, suffering through terrible torture, both physical and psychological, before he eventually escapes.

3. Okja?(2017)

Bong Joon-Ho?s send-up of corporate farming and environmental abuses isn?t subtle. Tilda Swinton goes all-out as the CEO of an evil corporation, only to be outdone by Jake Gyllenhaal?s broad turn as an unstable TV host. But its tale of an endearing, genetically modified ?super pig? and the girl who loves him is effective and contains both some terrific action set pieces and the most affecting child/strange beast relationship this side of?E.T.

4. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie?(2019)

The basic gist of this follow-up to Vince Gilligan?s beloved TV show is that it picks up right after the events of the series finale, with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) on the run and looking a bit worse for wear. He seeks shelter with Skinny Pete and Badger, long enough for a shower and a shave, before heading off to confront the people who destroyed his life. To give anything more away would be to spoil the excellent work that Gilligan and Paul put into this thing.

5. The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs?(2018)

The Coen brothers are back with a slick new Western romp, one that serves as an ode to all of the tropes present in Hollywood?s best Wild West adaptations. Split into six parts, each story is loosely connected although thematically and tonally different. Tim Blake Nelson stars as the titular hero, a sharpshooting songster who takes part in the film?s opening musical portion. From there, we get stories of outlaws getting their due, prospectors mining for gold, ghostly hauntings, and wagon trails. Forget trying to follow the thread and simply enjoy the ride with this one.