Top 5 Mystery TV Series To Stream

If you like honing your detective skills while staying home, we suggest checking out our Top 5 great murder mystery TV series listed below. There are a number of exciting options on several different streaming services, so dig in.

1. Happy Valley

Watch it on: Netflix

As cheery as the title of this BBC One series sounds, Happy Valley is actually very dark and contains some very difficult subject matter. The series centers on a female detective named Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire), whose world is turned upside-down after the man who sexually assaulted her daughter ? which led to the girl birthing an unwanted child and deciding to end her life ? is freed from prison. In the process of tracking the assailant down, Cawood accidentally stumbles into a completely unrelated, but ongoing crime.

2. Bosch

Watch it on: Amazon Prime
An adaptation of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch novels, Amazon’s Bosch follows the gritty life of Los Angeles homicide detective and private investigator Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver). Although the show rarely receives a lot of fanfare, it’s quite popular, and for good reason: It has been lauded for its realistic portrayal of police work, as well as its faithful interpretation of Connelly’s best-selling books. Plus, it has a sweet jazz soundtrack.

3. Sherlock

Watch it on: Netflix

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s signature characters come alive anew in Sherlock, a bromantic series about its eponymous detective, the “high functioning sociopath” Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), and his war veteran sidekick, John Watson (Martin Freeman). The four-season series was a fan-frenzied affair during its run on the BBC and PBS thanks to its sublime stars, behind-the-scenes talent, and production quality, all of which led to some serious awards decoration for everyone involved.

4. Luther

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

For those who stan Idris Elba, Luther is not to be missed. The actor has racked up quite a few trophies ? including a Golden Globe ? for his depiction of the titular DCI John Luther, who’s dedication to the Serious Crime Unit has cost him dearly on the personal front. Not only does it feature Elba hitting all the right drama marks, but it also gives The Affair‘s Ruth Wilson room to stretch her legs into even more twisted territory as a psychopathic murderer who becomes an unlikely asset.

5. And Then There Were None

Watch it on: Acorn TV

Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None has been adapted many times, and with good reason ? it’s one of her best works, if not her best. And BBC One’s 2015 adaptation, which starred Charles Dance, Sam Neill, Aidan Turner, Miranda Richardson, Burn Gorman, and a whole lot of other people you will definitely recognize, is a real highlight. The three-part miniseries follows 10 strangers on a remote island in 1939 who are picked off one by one, and no one knows which one is the murderer or why it’s happening.