Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips For Women

1. Bring scarves with you when you travel because they serve multiple purposes. Really comfortable scarves help you to get cozy on the plane since they can get so cold. Scarves are a great “two-for-one” travel item because they can also be used as a sarong, a piece of fabric worn wrapped around one’s waist.

2. Pack a wardrobe that follows one color palette. Consider packing only navy-blue, white, gray, and black clothing items so that every piece matches. Having all of your travel outfits follow one color scheme could make packing and styling a lot easier. Basically, it means that everything works together. All of the pieces are interchangeable and versatile.

3. Bring some comfy, big socks that keep your feet warm and also act as a barrier to all the disgusting things on the floor.

4. Roll, do not fold, your clothes. Travel with a lot of silk crepe shirts ? they don’t crease at all and you can dress them up with heels, or wear them with flats ? a really good tuxedo jacket and a pair of cigarette pants. Take a pair of trainers too if you try to work out wherever you go.

5. It’s important to keep your skin clean and hydrated and get as much as sleep as you can. Use that time to rest. Pack rosewater mist. Put it in a travel spray. It locks in moisture, it sets your makeup, it’s great for an airplane, and it’s great before or after a workout. It keeps your skin nice and glowy.