Top 5 Funniest Shows On Netflix Right Now (November)

Craving a traditional laugh-tracked sitcom? A more serious, single-cam series? A mockumentary? Done, done, and done. So here are the Tipstor? Top 5 funniest shows on Netflix streaming right now.

1.?Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This joyful series has no business being so sunny, especially considering its pitch-black premise: Kimmy, kidnapped as a teenager and forced to live among a doomsday cult in an underground bunker, is finally rescued, and trying to rebuild her life. But as played by the effervescent Ellie Kemper, this female is strong as hell, and determined to make the most of her freedom. A ragtag roster of supporting characters helps her through her transition (her roommate Titus the most delightful among them, though pretty much everyone she encounters is comedy gold), whether it?s figuring out what slang is outdated, or how best to kill the sentient robot you suspect is sleeping with your husband. Season two delves a little deeper into the psychological toll the Reverend?s kidnapping had on Kimmy, but despite the darker material, the show maintains its madcap charm. Special shout-out to delightful guest star Tina Fey, who co-created the show with her?30 Rock?collaborator Robert Carlock.


Ricky Gervais followed up his nearly unfollowable first show,?The Office, with?Extras, another tale loosely based on his own life, only this time his struggles with finding and being satisfied with success in television. On the exterior, Gervais? character Andy Millman is much different from?The Office?s David Brent, but at their core they?re the same, chasing fame and thinking they?re better than they actually are. The show is stolen, though, by Millman?s refreshingly platonic friendship with Maggie (Ashley Jensen), his clueless agent (co-creator Stephen Merchant), and the celebrities willing to poke fun at themselves in every episode (including a bitingly memorable diddy from the late David Bowie). It?s another two-series-and-a-Christmas-special show, so a binge?ll take no time at all.

3.?American Vandal

?Who did the dicks?? The question seems juvenile at first, but it?s the enigma that drives?American Vandal. Netflix decided to produce a parody heavily inspired by one of its own shows,?Making A Murderer,?with this teen mockumentary that focuses on the vandalism of 27 faculty cars in a school parking lot. With all the evidence pointing toward the local troublemaker/burnout, the case seems wrapped up before it even begins, but once the protagonists start looking more closely at what really happened, everyone becomes a suspect. It?s a hilarious show but also a tense one as the mystery gets deeper and deeper. Season two only builds on season one?s success, this time having the teen investigate a poop conspiracy that makes those dick jokes look tame. Unfortunately, Netflix has pulled the plug on the show.

4.?I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Saturday Night Live?and?Detroiters?alum Tim Robinson creates and stars in this 15-minute sketch comedy series that is perfectly happy to offer up a few irreverent laughs without all of the post-comedy commentary that weighs down other funny shows in 2019. It?s a mixed bag of unconnected stories about toddler pageants and old men out for revenge and how Instagram has warped our social interactions in hilariously bizarre ways. What each of these skits has in common is Robinson?s particular brand of comedy and his unrivaled ability to make you laugh.

5.?I?m Sorry

Andrea Savage is brilliant in this throwaway comedy series about a comedy writer, wife, and mom who attempts to forge a normal life despite her neuroses and odd job requirements. Kathy Baker and Tom Everett Scott also star, and some funny names, including Jason Mantzoukas, pop up occasionally, but the real star is Savage. She?s witty and sharp and crass and perfectly fine with all of it. There aren?t any huge, climactic plot point per episode ? the show deals mostly with weird neighbors and common parenting mistakes and relationship humor ? but it doesn?t need any of that to make us laugh. It just needs Andrea Savage.