Top 5 Crazy Hollywood Inventions That Actually Exist

Hollywood invents a lot of gadgets to cover up what would otherwise be gaping plot holes. ?Back to the Future? would just be a movie about a crazy scientist who drives a tacky sports car, and Katniss and Peeta would never have made it through ?The Hunger?Games.? Here are some more Hollywood gadgets that actually exist.

1. Mech Robots as Seen in ?Pacific Rim?

In case ?Pacific Rim? becomes a reality, you too can have a giant robotic warrior of your own. Back in 2006, the Japanese company Suidobashi created a working diesel-powered mech robot. If you have $1.5 million to spare, you can pilot your very own Kuratas warrior.

2. Liquid Metal as Seen in ?Terminator 2?

The self-repairing technology has even spread into the biomedical field with bandages that speed up healing time in humans (similar to the gel adhesive in ?The Hunger Games?).

3. Face Replacements as Seen in ?Mission Impossible?

In ?Mission Impossible,? Tom Cruise and his team make the act of switching faces look as easy as putting on a mask. Well, if you?re in the market for a new face, you?re in luck. In what could be a revolutionary change to the plastic surgery industry, scientists have already begun to perfect face transplant technology.

4. Body Modification as Seen in ?Gattaca?

Bone models used to be too expensive and take too long to complete, but now a model can be made in about a week, costing only $150. Scientists have already printed human veins, too, and they are hard at work trying to replicate other organs.

5. Hologram Communications as Seen in ?Star Wars?

We may have been introduced to the galaxy far, far away a long, long time ago, but ?Star Wars? remains the king of movie tech motivators in real life. Not only has the White House been forced to respond to a petition to build a Death Star on their website, a?real-life lightsaber?has been invented, and?Tupac?s hologram?in 2012 opened the door to some truly Jedi-worthy communication.