The Lego Movie 2: Rex?s Rex-treme Offroader (Lego): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: If you love the Lego Movie 2, then this is a set for you to consider because it is a great option for recreating some of the scenes that are found in the film. The set comes with an off-road vehicle that can be changed into two other armored vehicles. It even comes with a Recon Rex-o-saurus that will allow you to build an Execu-Rex-o-saurus or a Rex-o-saurus Quad.

Lego Set: The Lego Movie 2: Rex?s Rex-treme Offroader!


Both the offroad vehicle and the raptors have stud shooters that are great for scenes with a lot of action. In addition, the gun that is positioned on the back of the raptor can be removed and used by one of the characters. Rex is included, and he has a flashlight and a mug that he can hold. Emmet is also included, and he has a flashlight that he can use. There is also a plantimal creature that comes with the set that you can use. In total, the set is 236 pieces, and it is not that difficult to put together and transform the vehicle when you want.