Hollywood Going Green & Making A Difference

We’re taking a look at some celebrities who make ‘green living’ part of their everyday lives.

In 2011, Gisele Bundchen was awarded by the International Green Awards as the Best International Green Celebrity. And since 2009, she has even been a Global Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program. This supermodel is also a superwoman since she is always saving the world.

Not only does Britain?s most famous chef want more people to grow their own food, he?s given up eating meat three days a week, and one of his restaurants is powered by rooftop wind turbines. Jamie Oliver is making it happen.

Expect to see a whole ton of recycling at an Arcade Fire show. The Montreal Grammy winners joined forces with non-profit REVERB to decrease the amount of waste produced during their concerts. They?re also supporters of the Leap Manifesto initiative calling for “a Canada based on caring for the earth and one another.”

Canada?s own music man has been touting green values since way before it was ?cool?. Neil Young wrote an entire album about his electric car, regularly campaigns against oil sands developments and donated $100,000 to David Suzuki?s Blue Dot Initiative.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex has launched ?Travalyst?, a new partnership which brings travel companies together to come up with solutions to make travel more ethical and sustainable. The initiative aims to pave a new way to travel so that everyone can explore the world in a way that ensures cultures, places, and wildlife are unharmed and secured for many generations to come.