Dogs Belong Indoors (PSA)

Raising a toast to his dog, Tuba, Club de Cuervos star Luis Gerardo M?ndez stars in a new ad for PETA Latino that proclaims, ?Here?s to Family.? The ad goes on to say, ?Dogs Are Members of the Family. Please Let Them Live Inside With You, and Make Them Part of Your Life.?

In an accompanying video spot, M?ndez shares that he takes Tuba everywhere he can ? including shoots, interviews, parties, and the beach. ?I try to think what she wants. No one wants to be alone in a house for 18 hours,? he says. ?If you can share what you have with your friends and with your people but also with your dog, it?s one of the most beautiful things in life. For me, it?s the only way to see it: She?s a part of the family.?

PETA Latino ? whose motto reads, in part, that ?animals are not ours to abuse in any way? ? also notes that one of the best ways to help dogs is to adopt them from animal shelters and never buy them from breeders or pet stores, which contribute to the homeless-animal crisis.