Jumanji (Board Game): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: The game that pursues you! Stalking lions, charging rhinos, snapping crocodiles and more. In the wild world of Jumanji, they’ free only a dice roll away. Includes: game board, 4 colored pawn movers, 1 RHINO mover, 1 Sand timer, 2 dice, 4 rescue dice, 33 danger cards, 1 Label and sheet instructions. Choose your pawn and set out on a deadly journey. Decode rhyming card messages that could spell disaster! Roll six-sided dice together to rescue a fellow player in danger. Fail to escape, and the jungle could swallow you whole. The only way out is to finish the game. Only then will the terrors of the jungle disappear. Jumanji family board game: 2-4 players, ages 8+.

Board Game: Jumanji


Fun game for a group of people. We have played 3 times now. Each game took 10-15 min to play. Each player rolls the dice on their turn, then moves his/her pawn around the winding path. Depending on the outcome of the challenge, your pawn can move forward or backwards. First player to the center of the board wins. As a quick and simple board game, this one is ideal.