Jim Jefferies, Bare (Stand-Up): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: Nothing is sacred in this show from Australian comic Jim Jefferies, whether it?s the mother of his child, auditioning disabled actors, or gun control.

Show: Jim Jefferies, Bare


Australian comedian Jim Jefferies isn?t new to stand-up, either in the United States or elsewhere, but his name was passed around frequently after the San Bernardino shooting. This is largely due to Bare, which premiered on Netflix in 2014. Jeffries spends a large chunk of the routine discussing guns and gun control in the United States, and how his home country responded differently to an infamous mass shooting in 1996. Jefferies? approach is polemic at times, but it more often that not focuses on the comedy to be surprisingly gained by poking fun at the perilous moral and political conundrum the U.S. still finds itself in today. Then again, Jefferies? comedy isn?t just about politics ? everything from fatherhood to granting an old friend a lifelong wish is included, and it?s all wonderful.