Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom (Lego): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is an iconic movie that has a lot of action scenes that are great to recreate, especially if you have the right set. This is a Lego set that includes 652 pieces, and it includes traps and rail cars as well. The process of building the entire set is a bit complicated, but it should not take longer than a few hours to complete.

Lego Set: Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom


There is a 37-inch mine track that will allow you to ride down the area in one of the two mine carts. There are also plenty of other booby traps and snakes and spiders that you can encounter along the way to the skull altar that can be found in the movie. There is a boulder-rigged mine shaft that you will need to look out for as well as the chopping sword.

In this set, there are six characters that are designed to help you recreate the scenes from the movies. These characters are Indy, Willie, Short Round, Mola Ram, and two temple guards. Each one is designed with intricate details that can be removed like Indy?s knapsack and hat. There are weapons that the characters can use as well, which include clubs, swords, and guns.