How Hollywood Is Going Green & Sustainable

Pierce Brosnan, the former James Bond, was inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame for campaigning against illegal whale hunting and wetland protection. He was also named Best-Dressed Environmentalist by the Sustainable Style Foundation. Nice work, 007.

Gwyneth Paltrow has taken a halt on her acting career to focus on her natural health company Goop. She has even collaborated with several fashion moguls including Stella McCartney to create eco-friendly fashion lines. The vegan is raising her kids to be just like her. The family has installed a water-filtration system and are using non-toxic shampoos. Every step counts.

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams wants to share her green tips with the world. She is the co-founder of the website “Green Is Sexy”, a site to create awareness for the environment and helping change the world one day at a time.

Olivia Wilde and her friend Barbara Burchfield teamed up to create Conscious Commerce. The company is a guide for conscious living by promoting causes, brands and people that are forging a new paragon of living.

Actor Ian Somerhalder is another environmental activist on our list. He created his foundation to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to make a positive impact on our Earth.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, Brad Pitt participated in building homes for Katrina victims. But he didn’t just built regular homes, he and Mike Holmes teamed up to Make It Right and create 150 green, energy-efficient homes.

Matt Damon received an award from the Environmental Media Association. He received the Ongoing Commitment Award thanks to his time with He co-founded the organization in 1990.

George Clooney was the first celebrity to switch his BMW for a cleaner option, a Tango, an electric eco-friendly car. He was also part of the Oil Change campaign, to eliminate America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Natalie Portman makes sure she doesn’t buy any fur, leather or feathers when buying outfits. But sometimes she has difficulty with finding cute shoes so she thought “Hey! Why not make my own?!” So that’s what she did. The vegan actress created her very own vegan shoe line with proceeds going to the not-for-profit The Nature Conservancy.

Some people may just talk the talk, but Cate Blanchett is not afraid to walk the walk. The actress was part of a project that launched one of the largest rainwater harvesting systems in the world. She also helped in installing a solar power roof for Australia’s Sydney Theatre Company.

Woody Harrelson eats, sleeps and breathes “green.” The actor is a raw vegan which means he doesn’t eat sugar, flour, dairy or meat. He also co-founded the paper company “Prairie Paper” which specializes in producing paper made from 80 per cent wheat straw fibre with 20 per cent Forest Stewardship Council certified wood fibre.

When little Hermione isn’t studying spells, she’s saving the world. In 2011, Emma Watson collaborated with designer Alberta Ferretti to create an eco-friendly clothing line, Pure Threads. The clothes were made from raw, sustainable materials from Italy. In the future she hopes to create an all natural makeup line.

Adrian Grenier has campaigned for endangered bluefin tuna, launched an eco-themed app and partnered with Uber in a mission to recycle tech waste.

Robert Redford, the Sundance Film Fest founder, has been a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council since the ’70s. He also launched The Redford Conservancy to help educate university students about sustainability and recently spoke about climate change at the UN. Not too shabby.

Alicia Silverstone, the not-so ?Clueless? vegan is often seen loading up on veggies at her local farmers? market. And she recently wrote an op-ed piece for Newsweek about how our rapidly growing dependence on animals as a food source is one of the greatest threats to the climate.

Anne Hathaway has taken a stand for the environment through her fashion. During the 2017 press tour of her movie ?Colossal?, the actress made a commitment to only wear eco-conscious fashion such as vintage and recycled dresses. When the actress married Adam Shulman in 2012, their wedding featured an all-vegan menu with local, sustainable products.

Daryl Hannah, the ?Splash? star (and Neil Young?s paramour) has been arrested more than once for protesting developments that harm the environment. She also makes her own green lifestyle video blog called dhLoveLife.

Mark Ruffalo may play a green Hulk, but he’s also practicing green actions. The actor started a campaign to ban hydrofracking , a controversial method of natural gas extraction. Thanks to his actions, Global Green awarded Marks with an Environmental Leadership award.

Leonardo DiCaprio is not afraid to flex his environmental muscle. The actor has marched alongside other celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Brad Pitt at the People’s Climate March. And most recently, he has teamed up with Mexico?s President and its richest man to save critically endangered porpoises in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, the United Nations honored him with the title of Messenger of Peace on Climate Change.