Big Trouble in Little China (Board Game): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: Legendary: big trouble in little China is a cooperative game based on the 1986 cult classic film. Players will recruit their favorite heroes – Jack Burton, Gracie law, Wang chi and even alter egos such as Henry Swanson! legendary: big trouble in little China will take players on an epic thrill ride through Chinatown as they take on multiple versions of David Lo pan and the classic villains, the three storms. Will you be able to save miso yin and Gracie law from the clutches of evil? well, as your old pal Jack always says, “I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it’s all in the reflexes”.

Board Game: Big Trouble in Little China


Big Trouble in Little China is one of our favorite movies so playing this game was a no brainer. After playing it a few times, we must say it definitely holds true to the challenge that the other Legendary games provide, in which you find your team constantly on the edge of failure and just barely eking out a victory. They’ve introduced a few minor mechanics, such as mediocre heroes which act as a replacement for part of your starting deck and provides a little extra flavor, but overall it follows the same base mechanics that the other Legendary games do. This allows it to be mixed in pretty well with the other flavors of Legendary, which is always entertaining.