Batcave Break-In (Lego): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: If you loved the Lego Batman Movie, then this Batcave Break-in set is perfect for you. With 1045 pieces, this is a great set to explore and recreate your favorite movie scenes. The Batcave is designed to have a transformation chamber that can be rotated so that Bruce Wayne can transform into Batman. There is even a raised control center in the middle of the cave that has a rotating chair, moving platforms, and a batcomputer.

Lego Set: Batcave Break-In


In total, the Batcave is eight inches high, 15 inches wide, and seven inches deep, so it provides enough space to enjoy your recreation. The set comes with a few characters that you will enjoy, which include Batman, the Penguin, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred Pennyworth. There are also two hench penguins in the set, which have robot arms that are attached to their backs.

These characters come with their own accessories. Batman has a cape and a utility belt as well as a small batboat that he can easily take a ride in. The penguin has an umbrella and a top hat as well as a duckmobile that has a rotating propeller. It also has stud shooters and flick missiles that you can use to attack with.