Aziz Ansari, Right Now (Stand-Up): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: In a comedy special directed by Spike Jonze, Aziz Ansari shares deep personal insights and hilarious takes on wokeness, family and the social climate. Aziz Ansari: Right Now is an American stand-up comedy special by Aziz Ansari. The special is directed by Spike Jonze and premiered on July 9, 2019 on Netflix.

Show: Aziz Ansari, Right Now


Aziz Ansari?s first Netflix special following allegations of sexual harassment is an exercise in topical comedic commentary. Ansari, in a brilliant move, drafts Spike Jonze to direct this intimate stand-up performance in front of a New York crowd, and Jonze wields the camera in a way that gets the audience up close and personal with a celebrity who?s been spending plenty of time away from the limelight recently. That time away has been for Ansari, or at least his comedy, as he shares hilariously deep thoughts on wokeness, the importance of family, and yes, even that #MeToo controversy. It?s a rare look at a talent willing to peel back the layers of fame and self-preservation to dig at something more universal, and therefore, important.