About Us

Ford Studios is a media brand that explores digital (games, podcasts, books, comics) and streaming (TV shows, movies, music) entertainment, serves fans and helps people decide what to watch next on any platform. You can count on Ford’s global team of entertainment & media industry professionals to guide your digital and streaming viewing experience with honest reviews, curated recommendations, breaking news, in-depth interviews, smart recaps, fun videos and more immersive content that digs deep into our shared entertainment obsessions.


Hollywood content is 40% more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Nearly 80% of Hollywood will look at your IMDB profile before deciding to do business with you.

72% of Hollywood professionals name TV as the content with the best Return on Investment.



72% of Hollywood professionals name TV as the content with the best Return on Investment.

Editorial Mission

Ford tells you what’s new in digital and streaming entertainment, recommends what to “watch,” “play,” “read” and “listen”, how it works (behind the scenes, commentary) and what you need to succeed in funding, creating, marketing and distributing your own digital and streaming.

Our global team works 24/7 to explore and explain the Entertainment & Media world around us. You can depend on Tipstor? for news, commentary, industry analysis, features, FAQs, advice, hands-on reviews, consuming guides and informative content.

Our audience is part of the Ford family, and the strength of our relationship with you is the ultimate test of our success. We encourage you to let us know when you find an error, spot a gap in our coverage, want more questions answered or have suggestions for how we can improve. We will address your questions through our soon to launch podcast series.


Tipstor? is the trusted, award winning, go-to source for the best entertainment has to offer every week. The team comprises of over twenty five (25) dedicated entertainment & media industry professionals and experts from around the world.

Ford has decades of experience creating, marketing, distributing and analyzing products across the entire entertainment & media spectrum. We are comprised of seasoned studio executives, producers, directors, writers, actors, developers, showrunners, musicians, gamers, authors and more. We recognize and feature the highest quality entertainment with our weekly “Tipstor? Pick” and “Ford Top 5” awards.

Ford’s Pick” Award

Products bearing the Ford Pick logo have been rigorously tested, carefully evaluated and unanimously enjoyed by our team and panel of Entertainment & Media experts.


Tipstor? reviews hundreds of Entertainment & Media products, services and experiences every week. Our industry experts focus on delivering insights that consumers can act on immediately. We amplify the ?Voice of the Consumer? and help content producers and brands improve the value of their products. Our testing principles enable better production and consuming decisions. It?s a win-win for both the consumer and producers of Entertainment product.