A Chip Made Just for Running “Doom”

A developer named Sylvain Lefebvre has taken?Doom?to the next level and programmed a computer chip to have only one exclusive task?it runs?Doom. It will run E1M1 till the end of times (or till power runs out, whichever comes first).

Right now, the?Doom?chip only runs through a predetermined path. But Lefebvre plans to change that. Interactivity is definitely possible and he is planning to hook a joystick and walk around. The renderer starts from a position x,y,z, angle at every frame, whether this is pre-recorded or coming from a keyboard makes no difference for it. The thing that is missing however is to check collisions so that we slide gently along the walls as opposed to traversing them.

Once someone can actually play the?Doom?chip, Lefebvre said he?ll look into adding monsters and sound. It is both a question of fitting the data in there (he is roughly 80% full already with textures) and adapting the renderer while preserving framerate. If it works, then moving monsters would be a great addition.

Algorithm is burned into wires and flip-flops on the chip. Doom was released as he was learning how to code graphics. It was, and remains, an immense inspiration and motivation boost. He spent countless hours making levels, hacking the game and hex dumps of doom.exe / doom.wad. This was a good opportunity to dive back into it.